1. Hsieh-Fu Tsai*, Daniel W. Carlson, Anzhelika Koldaeva, Simone Pigolotti and Amy Q. Shen*, Optimization and Fabrication of Multi-Level Microchannels for Long-Term Imaging of Bacterial Growth and Expansion, Micromachines, 13(4), 576 (2022)

    • [Original article]

    • [SCIE, EI] RPI:3*4(IF2.891_2020, Instruments & instrumentation 23/64, 36%)*5=60

    • [DOI:10.3390/mi13040576]

    • [Summary] A straightforward microfabrication process for multi-level microfluidic devices using maskless writer. We validated the hydrodynamics performance of the microfluidic chip by both finite element and finite volume methods (COMSOL Multiphysics and openFOAM). Although it is known that the mineral oil dries over time and the oil on oil immersion objective has to be cleaned up, to our knowledge it is the first report that drying of oils increase it's viscosity over time but not the refractive index. Certain oils with increased viscosity due to aging caused ghosting effects and slowly drift away from the desired focus over time, limiting the total duration of live bacterial imaging. By identification of this issue and careful choice of immersion oil, we can maintain the focus and crispy imaging of bacterial dynamics over days.

Prior to CGU

  1. Anzhelika Koldaeva, Hsieh-Fu Tsai, Amy Q. Shen and Simone Pigolotti*, Population genetics in microchannels, PNAS, 119(21), e2120821119 (2022)

    • [Original article]

    • [SCI] RPI 3*11.205*3=99.615

    • [DOI:10.1073/pnas.2120821119]

    • [Summary] Study of bacterial expansion dynamics in microfluidic open-ended devices that are fabricated by one-station maskless lithography. The bacteria forms defined lanes through competition with each other. The single organisms in the middle of the channel has higher probabilities to stay longer throughout the lineage.

  2. Hsieh-Fu Tsai, Camilo IJspeert, Amy Q. Shen*, Voltage-gated ion channels mediate the electrotaxis of glioblastoma cells in a hybrid PMMA/PDMS microdevice, APL Bioengineering, 4, 036102 (2020)

    • [Original article]

    • [Featured article]

    • [DOI:10.1063/5.0004893]

    • [Emerging SCI, EI] RPI 3*1(engineering, 29/106, 27%)*5=15

    • [Summary] By using a hybrid PMMA/PDMS microdevice to study the electrotaxis of glioblastoma. We identified that T98G and U-251MG glioblastoma cell lines has opposite electrotactic and electroalignment behavior. Also, the electrotaxis of glioblastoma cell lines depends on the laminin extracellular matrix, which in the brain is exclusively associated with the vasculature, suggesting a link to the peri-vascular microenvironment. The role of voltage gated calcium channels are further investigated in the electrotaxis of glioblastoma cells.

  3. Hsieh-Fu Tsai*, Kazumi Toda-Peters, Amy Q. Shen*, Glioblastoma adhesion in a quick-fit hybrid microdevice, Biomedical Microdevices, 21(2), 30, (2019)

    • [Original article]

    • [DOI:10.1007/s10544-019-0382-0]

    • [SCI, EI] RPI 3*3(IF2.838_2020, Engineering, biomedical, 52/89, 56%, Q2)*5=45

    • [Summary] A novel quick-fit hybrid PMMA/PDMS microdevice is developed and proved by studying a glioblastoma adhesion model. Over 150 V/m electric field, the electroalignment effect modulated the parallel alignment of the shear flow on the endothelial cells. We also observed the intercellular transport event suggesting that indeed cancer cells and fuse with endothelial cells.

  4. Hsieh-Fu Tsai*, Joanna Gajda, Tyler F.W. Sloan, Andrei Rares, Amy Q. Shen*, Usiigaci: Instance-aware cell tracking in stain-free phase contrast microscopy enabled by machine learning, SoftwareX, 9, 230-237 (2019)

    • [Original software article]

    • [DOI:10.1016/j.softx.2019.02.007]

    • [SCIE, EI] RPI 3*3(IF1.959_2020, computer science sofware engineering, 56/108, 52%, Q3)*5=45

    • Github repo

    • Youtube introduction video

    • [Summary] Usiigaci is an all-in-one Python-based cell segmentation, tracking, data analysis pipeline to analyze cell migration under stain-free phase contrast microscopy using machine learning methods (Mask R-CNN).

  5. Hsieh-Fu Tsai, Alen Trubelja, Amy Q. Shen* and Gang Bao*, Tumour-on-a-chip: microfluidic models of tumour morphology, growth and microenvironment, Journal of Royal Society Interface, 20170137 (2017)

    • [Review]

    • [DOI:10.1098/rsif.2017.0137]

    • [SCIE] RPI=2*4(IF4.118_2020, multidisciplinary science,s 19/72, 26.4%, Q2, 13/64, 20%)*5=40

    • [Summary] Review some recent microfluidic platforms targeting research in tumor microenvironments and applications.

  6. Toshiaki Mochizuki, Yi-Jyun Luo, Hsieh-Fu Tsai, Akane Hagiwara and Ichiro Masai*, Cell division and cadherin-mediated adhesion regulate lens epithelial cell movement in zebrafish, Development, 144, 708-719 (2017)

    • [DOI:10.1242/dev.138909]

    • [SCIE] RPI=3*5.4*1=16.2

    • [Summary] Investigation of cadherin and mechanical force in regulating lens epithelial cell movement during early development of zebrafish lens. I was involved specifically in the experiment of UV laser ablation and observe the immediate force induced cell migration after a wound.

  7. Joshua J. Cardiel, Daisuke Takagi, Hsieh-Fu Tsai and Amy Q. Shen*, Formation and flow behavior of micellar membranes in a T-shaped microchannel, Soft Matter, 12, 8226-8234 (2016)

    • [DOI:10.1039/C6SM01093H]

    • [SCIE, EI] RPI=3*5(3.679_2020, 2016polymerscience, 10/86, 12%)*1=15

    • [Summary] Measurement and characterization of wormlike micelle membrane formation when interacting at the interface in the T-channel.

  8. Hsieh-Fu Tsai, Ji-Yen Cheng, Hui-Fang Chang, Tadashi Yamamoto, Amy Q. Shen*, Uniform electric field generation in circular multi-well culture plates using polymeric inserts, Scientific Reports, 6:26222 (2016)

    • [DOI:10.1038/srep26222]

    • [SCI] RPI=3*5(IF4.38_2020, multidisciplinary sciences 17/72 24%, 2016 10/64, 16%)*5=75

    • [Summary] It is very difficult to create uniform electric fields from two electric potentials in a circular chamber due to differences of electric resistances. We employed a rational 3D computer aided design (CAD) approach of a microfluidic structure to equalize the electrical resistances in the chamber. A polymer insert with CAD structures can create uniform electric field in wells of multi-well plates or tissue culture dishes very much like a transwell insert. We hope this design of insert can be useful to push electric field stimultion into standard biomedical laboratory. Also the design strategy could be useful for different disciplines.

  9. Hsieh-Fu Tsai, Yi-Ching Tsai, Sharon Yagur-Kroll, Noa Palevsky, Shimshon Belkin, Ji-Yen Cheng*, Water pollutant monitoring by a whole cell array through lens-free detection on CCD, Lab on a Chip, 15, 1472-1480 (2015)

    • [DOI:10.1039/C4LC01189A]

    • [SCI,EI] RPI=3*6.99_2020*5=104.85

    • [Summary] Created a miniaturized platform for bioluminescent whole cell sensor using commercial linear charge-coupled devices.

  10. Hsien-San Hou, Hsieh-Fu Tsai, Hsien-Tai Chiu, and Ji-Yen Cheng*, Simultaneous chemical and electrical stimulation on lung cancer cells using a multichannel-dual-electric-field chip, Biomicrofluidics, 8, 052007 (2014)

  11. Kai-Yin Lo, Yun Zhu, Hsieh-Fu Tsai, and Yung-Shin Sun, Effects of shear stresses and antioxidant concentrations on the production of reactive oxygen species in lung cancer cells, Biomicrofluidics, 7, 064108 (2013)

  12. Hsieh-Fu Tsai, Ching-Wen Huang, Hui-Fang Chang, Jeremy J.W. Chen, Chau-Hwang Lee, Ji-Yen Cheng*, Evaluation of EGFR and RTK signaling in the electrotaxis of lung adenocarcinoma cells under dcEF stimulation, PLoS ONE, 8(8), e73418 (2013)

    • [DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0073418]

    • [SCI] RPI=3*5(IF3.24_2020, 8/55, 15%, Q1)*5=75

    • [Summary] found that CL1-5 lung adenocarcinoma cell electrotaxis is independent of EGFR signalling despite CL1-5 cells express an abundant amount of EGFR. Suggesting the fundamental hypothesis may required modification.

  13. Hsieh-Fu Tsai, Shih-Wei Peng, Chun-Ying Wu, Hui-Fang Chang, Ji-Yen Cheng*, Electrotaxis of oral squamous cell carcinoma cells in a multiple-electric-field chip with uniform flow field, Biomicrofluidics, 6, 034116 (2012)

    • [DOI:10.1063/1.4749826]

    • [SCI EI] RPI=3*5*5=75

    • Supplementary Information difficult to get from AIP, if supplementary information is needed please contact.

    • [Summary] multiple electric field with uniform flow field creation based on R-2R ladder network concept. Also found a easy method to achieve bubble free cell culture in thermoplastic microfluidic chips.

  14. Ji-Yen Cheng*, Mansoureh Z. Mousavi, Chun-Ying Wu, Hsieh-Fu Tsai, Blue light emission from a glass/liquid Interface for real-time monitoring of a laser-induced etching process, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 21, 075019 (2011)