Bio-photonics Techniques


3D Modeling and smart manufacturing

Molecular biology of the cell



Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Seminar (I)

Biomedical Engineering Lab



Advice to graduate student

Advice to freshman BME student

2021 (II)

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering - Electrophysiology core & Biosensors

  1. Bioelectricity and action potential

  2. ECG & EMG

  3. EEG & EOG

  4. Introduction to Biosensors

  5. Design and optimization of wearable electronics

Seminar (I)

personal feedback will be sent to all students after presentation

Student supervision

For graduate students, our lab policy please see here.

General working policy

  1. Safety first.

  2. Always take lab notes

  3. Flexible working hours but performance-based evaluation.

  4. Take the vacation whenever you need it.

  5. Publication authorship is assigned based on work & performance. If you write the first draft and execute major portion of the paper, you're entitled of first authorship.

Key competence required before graduation, applies to all graduate students

  1. General lab safety and biosafety procedures

  2. Correct keeping of lab notes

  3. Journal paper reading, critical thinking, and presentation

  4. Experimental techniques (at least ones core to your thesis)

  5. CAD competence

  6. Thesis writing (bibliography keeping, structuring, technical writing).

  7. Technical presentation in English

Master students

  1. Feasible projects will be assigned to you. Exceptional students welcome to pitch your idea.

  2. All due course credits must be obtained by end of 1st year.

  3. Proposal must be presented at the end of 1st year.

  4. Journal reading & presentation key training in weekly lab meeting for the 1st year.

  5. Presentation to domestic conference is a must.

  6. Thesis written in English is encouraged.

  7. Original article publication is encouraged.

Ph.D. students

  1. A core project of the lab will be assigned to execute but not necessarily your thesis topic.

  2. New hypotheses & idea must be presented and explored by end of 2nd year.

  3. All due course credits must be obtained by end of 2nd year.

  4. Proposal must be presented at the end of 2nd year.

  5. Thesis written in English is required.

  6. Supervise thematic student & master student (teaching experience)

  7. At least one original article and one international conference presentation is required (graduation requirements of CGU is hasher and also applies)

All lab members are required to follow up with our laboratory wide tools

  • Notion

  • Zotero

  • Rhinoceros

  • AutoCAD