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  • 基隆長庚紀念醫院 神經外科 陳品元主任

For prospective students

  1. 本實驗室會專注在開發新穎機電整合的自動微流體平台,包括電機平台創新與新穎微流體晶片設計,並輔以AI影像處理與多質體學分析技術,用以研究腦部腫瘤、心血管、生物力學、生物電學與生物標靶等課題。

  2. 本實驗絕對要求誠信,不限背景,在本實驗室可學到微機電製程、細胞培養、生醫影像分析、顯微技術、科學呈現與寫作。

  3. 歡迎對微流體工程、AI 影像分析、顯微光學、機電整合、心血管研究、癌症研究有興趣,願意多問多學,有責任心的大學部專題生、碩士班、博士班同學接洽,接洽同時送出此一問卷,幫助我了解你。

  4. 有關實驗室政策請見Teaching頁下端

  5. For foreign students to Taiwan who are considering of pursuing a degree at CGU BME, please refer to International student admission information of CGU.

  6. Potential financial aid information listed by CGU for MS and PhD students, please see this page. Potential financial support please contact the PI.

If you just have questions or want to learn what we do, please make an appointment for visit in visiting hours or virtual meeting in contact page.

If you're interested to join us doing interdisciplinary research and learning microfluidics, please complete this interview form and arrange an appointment by email or by calendly.

Also seeking scientific programmer, data scientists, AI engineers to join our team!