Key questions

  • How does tissue microenvironment affects the cancer progression?

  • How can we mimic the human body by recreating the physiological microenvironment in vitro (outside the body)?

  • What can we do to bring accurate laboratory testing to patient's bedside?

  • How can we better our technologies to bring personalized medicine to individuals, leap from medical knowledge based on ensemble empirical knowledge to evidenced-based personal history based medicine.

  • Think about new real world problems we can solve with laboratory technologies.

Research Directions

Technology seed

Heterogenous microfluidics

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Multi-level microfabrication

3D PMMA, PDMS, Quartz

Highly responsive & sensitive linear optical platform

Instance-aware AI image analysis

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Reconfigurable transparent heating platform for cell culture

Uniform single cell seeding microfluidic platform

Reconfigurable compact microscope

Image analytics SaaS on Microsoft Azure Cloud

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  • Initiation funding, Chang Gung University

Past funding

NVIDIA Applied Research Accelerator Program support to H-.F. TSAI

Grant for Technology Pioneer Fellow, OIST from subsidy funding from Cabinet Office, Government of Japan

JSPS DC1 & KAKENHI Grants-in-aid for young scientists